Headphones Make Good Earmuffs.

He trudges onward through the deserted streets, looking almost the last survivor of some horrific catastrophe. The truth is that he is collecting data and testing his latest setup in the field at the best time of night: 4AM. A synthesized voice plays over his earmuff-esque headphones "*Ping* Open network detected SSID is linksys W-P-S 5-g-w-n." A little smile decorates his frozen face, it works.


Recently I acquired a Nokia C6 running Symbian. Not only can I load custom software to this device but it contained a GPS receiver and the ability to tether as a bluetooth modem! So as any good geek would I busted out my MacBook and went for a warwalk!

Here is a google map overlay of the data.


View Larger Map

Good night.

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