New school year officially starts today. Hopefully I'll have time to find a good project to work on.

If you have any ideas on a good open source project that needs some helping along or something cool that I should look into/try drop me a comment.

Otherwise enjoy this web comic courtesy of Surviving The World


  1. Nice. Well, depending on how competent you're feeling, you could always work on an MCS app. The basics -- custom view of news (drawn from school's RSS feed), custom view of sports scores (also from RSS feed)... I dunno.

    Open source projects? Hmm -- so many. You'll need to narrow down the possible topics.

  2. Completely forgot about the MCS app! That is a definite must. As for competence the documentation is plentiful and I have quite a bit of free time on my hands to learn this year.

    As for the open source projects I was looking towards something math/physics orientated. I seem to code best when math is involved for some reason.

    Step ( ) comes to mind, but does seem a tad complex.

    Also thanks for the feed back, I welcome it!