Update #1 & v 0.01
- Basic dice roller done
- Shows various dice rolled
- Console Formatting

Still to do
- Modifiers (+1d6, +7, etc)
- Error handling
- Command system (for controlling)
- History/Quick launch
- Dice Labeling
- Ncurses like design to display main input area, history and quick launch in a tri-column fashion (with line numbering)

- Gui: Non-mouse interaction is better here, All information is text.

Core idea:
- Type in a single command, press enter, get results.
5 -> Run command stored on line 5 from config
d20 -> Roll a single d20 and print the result
h1 -> Run command stored at history 1
p -> Re-Roll previous roll.
3d8+2d6-2 -> evaluate and give dice show dice in a format of

        Dice: d8[2 6 7] + d6[6 4] + [-7]
        Total: 18

- Good documentation with a steep learning curve.
Cover how to setup configs, basic scrolling (U,J,I,K,O,L), understanding of "flow"

Obligitory screenshot:

Executable: http://tinyurl.com/39qlhmw
Until next time.

Update #2 is here 

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